How do I file a lien on a construction project?

One of the most important steps in the lien filing process is to run an abstract to determine when specific documents and/or timelines have been met which affect the lien filing requirements. A few documents pertinent to lien filing on a construction project which would be pertinent to lien filing are: the notice of contract, the performance and payment bond, the certificate of substantial completion and/or notice of termination of work, and other liens filed on the construction project.

After that, much of the required information which Louisiana law mandates be included within the lien, as well as the applicable time frame which affects when the lien should be filed, can be collected from the abstract and included in the lien.

Thereafter, the lien document is prepared and executed by a representative of the claimant. If the claimant is a juridical entity (LLC, corporation, etc.), it should be someone authorized to act on behalf of the entity in compliance with Louisiana mandate law.

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