Kaplin Stewart Construction Lawyers Quinter and Corbett to Speak at National MBCEA Conference

Posted by: Josh Quinter (jquinter@kaplaw.com)

The Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association will be hosting its annual national conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida, in May. We are pleased to announce that both Josh Quinter and Karin Corbett of our Construction Law Department will be speaking at the convention.

Thumbnail image for Josh Quinter.jpgMr. Quinter, a partner at the firm, will be presenting two programs. The first, entitled "Leading the Way – Leadership Skills For Effective Management", will focus on strategies and skills company leaders can use to develop an innovative and constructive culture that positively impacts employee productivity and, ultimately, revenue. A second program called "Document Your Project" will be presented for the benefit of field personnel to emphasize the importance of documenting the project and how best to accomplish this goal.

Thumbnail image for Karin Corbett.jpgMs. Corbett will provide a program on the key construction contract clauses that are typically the subject of litigation. Topics will include payment clauses, insurance and indemnity, and change orders. Ms. Corbett's program is entitled "Contract Clauses That Kill".

The Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association serves participants in the metal building industry, including contractors, erectors, and suppliers. Its goal is to provide exceptional training and education that allows its members to succeed and raises the profile of the metal building industry.

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