Karin Corbett: The Rest of the Story

Karin Corbett.jpgKarin Corbett is an Associate in our Construction Law Department. Her experience includes litigating various types of construction disputes, negotiating contracts and providing general advice to business owners.

It is pretty well known that, away from the practice of law, Karin is an avid and life-long equestrian. She used the power of her natural born persuasive skills at just seven years old to convince her (very hesitant) parents to sign her up for weekly riding lessons. Never looking back, Karin soon owned her own horses and competed with them in both local and United States Equestrian Federation recognized horseshows.

When the time came to head to college, it was no coincidence that Karin chose to attend one of the coveted seven sister schools, Mount Holyoke College, known in part as one of the winningest Equestrian teams in the Country. Karin's horses attended college too, living on campus just up the road from her dormitory. Although the horses' "higher education" ended there, as Karin sadly sold her horses to focus on law school, Karin continued riding for a Central Pennsylvania show barn during the week and training and competing with her Eastern Pennsylvania trainers throughout the East Coast on weekends. After law school, Karin acquired, trained and showed several horses (including one adorable pony, rescued from slaughter).

Today, riding does take a back seat Karin's newfound passion – parenthood. But, Karin remains involved in the equestrian world by attending horse shows, handling equestrian law matters of many varieties, riding recreationally, and volunteering for equine organizations – including having served on the board of Sebastian Riding Associates, Inc. Karin plans to compete again someday, but is currently developing a new and exciting chapter of her equestrian career as a "pony mom".

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Karin and her interests away from the office. Stay tuned for future occasions when we highlight the interests of other lawyers in our department.

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