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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, who would have thought that when I posted two short lines back in 2008, Construction Law Musings would still be going strong eight years later. Through these 8 years at this little construction law blog, I have had periods of more and less consistent posting (often coinciding with the more and less frantic pace of my solo construction practice). I have posted on various changes to the Virginia mechanic’s lien landscape (along with a few posts on a near miss of what could have been a change for the worse). I have also posted in the last year on a fraud/construction contract case that could have big implications if the analysis of the court prevails in the future. These are just a couple of the topics that came up at Musings in 2016.

On the professional side, I was named to the Virginia Business Legal Elite in Construction Law for the 10th straight year (and 6th since opening my solo construction law practice). I had the opportunity to plan the 37th Annual Construction and Public Contracts Law seminar and serve on the Board of the Construction Law and Public Contracts section of the state bar for another year. I also had the opportunity to teach about construction contracts through the AGC project manager development program. As always, I’ve also gained some new friends and rekindled some old friendships both in the legal and construction communities.

On the personal side, this year has been another great one. My oldest child is a West Virginia Mountaineer that is now in her 2nd year in Morgantown. My second oldest is in his senior year and I’ve enjoyed college visits with him and my youngest is in 8th grade headed to high school. These three, our two dogs, and (saving the best for last), my wonderful wife have made this past year here at Musings a wonderful time through their support, humor and love.

Thanks to all of you that comment and share your thoughts here at Construction Law Musings and those that have helped me keep Construction Law Musings interesting through your Guest Post Friday posts. Your comments and thoughts have on more than one occasion gotten me past some writers block and gotten me back on my weekly posting track. Without the great colleagues and friends I’ve met since starting this blog, I likely would have stopped posting years ago.

Thank you to all of you who read Construction Law Musings. Thank you to all of my friends, clients and colleagues who support this construction law blog and my construction law practice (you know who you are and it would take weeks to list you all). And, saving the best for last, thank you to my great family for all that you do to support me in my solo career and my life in general. You all have made the last eight years of Construction Law Musings a fun and rewarding ride.

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