How the AGC Helps My Construction Practice

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About three years ago, I became active in the AGC of Virginia. I was unsure what the benefit would be because my prior firm was a member, but not particularly active, so I did not see a real benefit to membership while there. However, all that has changed.

Since I began actively participating in the meetings, presenting at functions and participating in everything from Sporting Clay shoots to membership committee meetings, I have gained a great deal. On a personal level, the friendships are great. I realized why I like to represent construction professionals. This is a good group of people that I find easy to want to help out.

On a professional level, the marketing opportunities and “face time” for a lawyer who wants to help contractors and subcontractors with their business practices and other concerns is unparalleled. I have gained clients, both directly and indirectly through my connections from the AGC. I have also gained insight into ConsensusDOCS through membership on the AGC Contract Documents Committee on a national level.

What I have learned from the last three years is that active participation is key. Merely being an “on the list” member of an organization like this is not enough. Contractors are hands on individuals who want to see you and get to know you before they are ready to hire you as a consultant. Especially in a world of e-mail, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 opportunities (that I take advantage of regularly), face to face is still the best way I have found to get to know someone.

I also know that participation in a trade organization that you enjoy and where you can meet potential business partners and gain knowledge relevant to your business and your clients’ businesses is a great way to grow your practice (whether as an attorney or as a construction professional). In short, the money spent with the AGC on an annual basis is well worth it. I can recommend the AGC highly to anyone in the commercial construction world. If you are an architect, engineer, bonding professional, contractor or subcontractor, be sure to check out membership in your local chapter.

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