More Fishing with Construction Clients

Tarpon in Pine Island Sound

I have written before here at Construction Law Musings about the value of personal interactions with clients in the age of internet marketing, Twitter, etc. At times, however, even I forget my own advice and tend to stick to my office and use email and other online tools for marketing and client development. At times it is easier to use the great tools of a “cloud” centered world to communicate and otherwise interact with clients, attorneys, and potential clients. In many ways, I’ve taken to the cloud and its convenience and power. My Clio practice management and billing system I use for my construction law practice is cloud based and, of course, Musings is itself a blog. For these reasons, I occasionally fall into the trap of “staying in the cloud.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of the fun and, yes, marketing advantage of “real world” interaction with clients. I was out with friends, including one of my construction clients, fishing for tarpon (the photo for this post is one that we caught) and it hit me once again that I work with and for a good group of folks. Aside from the fun of catching these large fish that jump and fight, the face to face interaction cemented even further a great client relationship and friendship.

In short, whatever your activity, whether shooting sporting clays, participating in your local AGC chapter, or just having lunch or coffee occasionally, don’t forget that the personal touch can and should lead to a better and more solid client relationship. In a world where the yellow pages are used, if at all, to hold a door open and the internet is where many a potential client seeks its first information on a construction lawyer, in my experience the deal is best closed, and the relationship best grown, through everything from a simple phone call to a trip out on a boat. Making this effort most often leads to long term clients that I often call friends as well.

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