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Thank you to my friend and relatively frequent guest poster here at Construction Law Musings, Brian Hill (@aecforensics) for letting me invade his great blog on risk management and best construction practices,, and talk about one of my favorite topics, mediation. As I have said on many an occasion, mediation is often the most efficient and cost effective way out of a bad situation (read: construction claim). I share these thoughts in more depth over at Brian’s blog.

Here’s a taste:

Whether your dispute is big or small, has to do with interpretation of your, hopefully well drafted, construction contract or the allegedly poor quality of the work, or any other reason why a payment dispute (and in commercial construction, it is always some form of payment dispute), mediation is almost always a good option. Remember, litigation and arbitration are expensive and even if you win, your construction business will take a hit, mainly because you cannot and should not budget for litigation (I mean, really, everyone should just do the right thing, correct?).

For the rest of my thoughts, head on over to AEC Forensics and read the full post here.

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