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logo_alps-300x49111Thanks again to the ALPS411 Blog continuing to allow me a platform to “Muse” on their blog. This time is about mediation and my love of the process. Here’s an excerpt:

This fact of life is why, in almost every case, I recommend trying to settle the matter early, even if it is not a 100% dollar for dollar payment of what you could get at the end of the long, winding and potentially risk filled road to a judgment. Should you be paid 100% for your hard work? Yep. Is it difficult to accept less just because the other side didn’t pay? Absolutely. Unfortunately, once attorneys get involved, you won’t net 100% regardless of the outcome of the court or arbitration process. You are more likely to net a better result monetarily and business wise from accepting a portion of what you feel you are owed than to go forward to trial. Of course every case is different and that portion will be bigger or smaller based on those factors and the advice from your attorney and others relating to risk, reward, etc.

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