Thanks for the Decade of Confidence

legal_elite_2016Once again, I am in the wonderful position of thanking all of you in the Virginia legal community that continue to elect me to the Virginia Business Legal Elite. This year makes a round ten years in a row of election to the Legal Elite in the Construction Category. This decade long run has included time at my prior firm and a run of 6 straight years where “100%” of the lawyers at The Law Office of Christopher G. Hill, PC were elected. For the complete list of the great Virginia construction lawyers that were elected along with me, see the 2016 Virginia Business Legal Elite in Construction Law.

So without further ado, thank you to all of you who voted for me. I truly appreciate your continued confidence and support of my construction law practice. Your yearly votes always prod me to learn and continually improve to meet your expectations and keep my practice at this high level. I also couldn’t do this without the great support from friends and family (not to mention clients), so thanks as always to these great folks.

Thanks again,


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