Thoughts of a Solo Construction Lawyer (one month in)

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Solo Construction AttorneyAs many of my loyal readers (thank you to you all) know, I went solo a month ago. After the initial week or two of scrambling to set up IOLTA accounts, billing systems and computers, I am able to get down to business and now am able to make at least an initial assessment of the change.

In short, it has been a great move. I am happier working for myself at my own firm than I had been in the past. Something about working knowing that I am in charge of the ship and its direction with the responsibility that goes along with that knowledge makes even the daily grind seem less of a grind. My biggest fear, that by going smaller, I’d be less attractive to potential and existing clients, did not come true. In fact, the opposite has in many ways been true. Construction contacts that hadn’t shown interest in my services have called or shown renewed interest.

I am also enjoying the flexibility of being solo. While I still have office hours, I am able to work more flexibly to serve clients, both in billing and in the times and places to meet. This new found flexibility allows me to work more efficiently and avoid some of the stresses of hourly quotas and targets. So long as I am doing what I need to do, no one aside from those that should be (clients, family, etc.) is looking over my shoulder. In sum, I am meeting my own goals instead of those of others while working just as hard and effectively for my construction clients.

Particularly in my area of concentration (construction law) the clients in my “wheelhouse” are all business owners and most have shown appreciation for my move and have all been very supportive. Thank you to all of my family, friends, clients and other supporters both in Richmond and elsewhere for all of the kind words and offers of advice. I am sure I’ll be taking many of you up on these offers in the near future.

The first hill of the roller coaster of solo practice has been a doozy, but after the first month, I wouldn’t think of getting off the tracks.

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