2013 Year End Musings

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It’s that time of year again here at The Law Office of Christopher G. Hill, PC. Christmas has come and gone and we’re in the relatively quiet time before the new year. What does that mean? It means the obligatory (almost) year end reflection on everything from the success of the firm to the changes in the law over the course of 2013.

On a personal, firm related note, 2013 was another good year. I continued my activities as a construction mediator. For the seventh year running I was named to the Virginia Business Legal Elite in the Construction category. I was able to assist my clients to grow their businesses and try to buck Murphy’s Law on the job site. I also was part of the group that helped to kill (yet again) a crazy attempted change to the mechanic’s lien notice requirements. On another note, the General Assembly did make some changes to the mechanic’s lien rules that came into effect this past July 1, 2013.

I also assisted in the planning of the 2013 Virginia State Bar Construction and Public Contracts section’s annual CLE. A great time was had by those that attended. If you are a Virginia construction lawyer like me and haven’t attended (or heaven forbid not a member of the section) I highly recommend both membership in the section and attendance at the CLE. I always learn something new and I find it a great opportunity to talk with some great construction attorneys.

The 5th year of Construction Law Musings was an interesting one as well. As always, there were interesting cases and thoughts out there relating to mechanic’s liens, contracts and payment bonds. The year contained a great debate on the value of a construction attorney and whether lawyers are more of a problem than a solution. Throw in some wonderful Guest Post Friday posts and I hope that you readers had as interesting a time reading this little construction law blog as I did writing it. Thanks to all of you that volunteered (or were conscripted) to write for Construction Law Musings. Without you, this blog would not be half as interesting as it would be if your perspectives and insight were not included.

And last but certainly not least, thanks to my great family without whom my life and law practice would be much less fulfilling.

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2013 Year End Musings

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